7 september 2010

„Homo sapiens made from plasticine”

How plastic You are… amazing how easily lies flow from
your golden mouth.. how tragic seem to be fake life with FAKE YOU. And so easily
I can see all through Your disguise – you will never cheat The Great Deceiver!
Hidden behind a plastic mask without any expression on
it’s fake face, you only dream about this what really life may be… plastic are
your days now!
Never enough never to good, you are able only to want
more and better too. How pathetic is this hunger, made from tv commercial and
pink dress of your favourite doll… And like your perfect doll you are scared to
death to miss the point… to loose the beauty contest even once! And there is
nothing to good to sell and there is nothing to good to buy, only to hit the goal,
to be a king of plastic night.
Just wait how they will bow…. Just want to see the
And even death is more true, and even emptiness more
How pathetic it must be, to lick only a plastic bag… a
candy hidden to far for your short-sighted eyes… never alive never to feel..
never to became a human indeed!

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Towarzysz ze strefy Ciszy,  

but even death seem to be plastic- so they say on the tv screen... and who dares the doubios hesistation nowadays when they expect you to chase flickering glimpses of what could have been given...

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Anna Gabriella Lilith Gajda,  

I agree, today even death is plastic because everything is for sale... It's all fake... just imitation of life, and we are chasing for worthless, fake dreams, sold by mass media as an equivalent of real life... plastic, pink and fake! All is one big lie :)

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too good to sell too good to buy too far

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