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20 august 2020

Why Is It

Why is it.. that you make me feel what I haven't felt in years...
And why every time I see you do my eyes just fill with tears,
Why do I have to touch myself every time you walk away...
As the flames inside consume me all I want is you to stay,
I've tried to reach inside you to somehow touch your heart...
But I'm no closer to you now than I was right from the start,
The fortress you have built is strong with walls too high to climb...
But I'd give my life to breach them all and claim your heart as mine,
Why is it.. that you look away when I look into your eyes...
I can feel the pain inside of you that you desperately disguise,
What hell have you been living that keeps you far away...
That won't let anyone get near and keeps your heart at bey,
Like breechless walls of titanium, there's nothing you've left bare...
So "why is it" I can't let go when I know you'll never care...

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