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28 april 2022

What's To Lose

Do you know how hard it is for me.. to know that you are there?
Do you know how many tears I've cried.. to hide how much I care,
I sit here thinking about you.. as the tears roll down my face...
All alone again tonight.. I just wanna get out of this place,
I want to run into your arms.. and hold you all night long...
I want to kiss .. and say "I Love You" .. I don't care whats right or wrong,
I need you to feel whats in my heart.. things I'm afraid to say...
I want you to care when were apart.. and tell me your gonna stay,
It may not last.. people change.. and life's not carved in stone...
But any chance.. beats no chance.. when lonely's all you've known,
What's to loose.. but your heart.. for mines already gone...
It belong's to you.. and always has.. from dusk to breaking dawn.

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