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28 april 2022

Wanted You To Know

I can't live without you.. I don't even want to try...
All I do is sit around.. asking myself why,
Why did you stop loving me..and why it hurts so bad...
If I'd done the things I didn't do.. would you be here if I had,
My mind just keeps on racing... and my heart just pounds away ...
And time is running out.. for the things I need to say,
I feel as though I'm spinning.. and there's nothing I can do...
But I need to tell you.. just how much.. that I'm in love with you,
I'm sorry for all the things.. I've done to let you down...
I should have been a better man.. than the one you found,
I'm sorry if I hurt you.. and if I wasn't there...
But there was not a moment past.. for you I didn't care,
No matter what the future holds.. and if it didn't show...
There's nothing I loved more than you... I wanted you to know.

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