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28 april 2022

Wish Upon A Falling Star

I sit here on a stary night.. but my thoughts belong to you...
I wish upon a falling star.. in hopes it will come true,
The nights keep getting longer.. and days just come and go...
And I can't help but wonder.. about the love I used to know,
I had hopes and dreams, and plans.. to build my life with you...
And I used to think you felt the same.. but I don't think you do,
I thought our love was strong enough.. to weather any storm...
I used to feel your passion burn.. now its barely warm,
I used to feel the love.. when you told me that you care...
But now I can't remember.. the last good time we shared,
I miss your hands upon me... I long to feel your touch...
I don't think they'll ever be.. someone I love as much,
There goes yet another star.. as it streaks across the sky...
And here goes yet another wish.. that we don't say goodbye,
So I wish upon this falling star.. that the love we had is true...
And may it bring you home to me, with love that we once knew.

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