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4 february 2024

"One May Never Find"

You don't have to tell me, what you think I want to hear...
And you don't have to get that close, if I'm something that you fear,
I'm not trying to burden you, to be someone your not...
And I won't ask of you, to do something you cannot,
But I'm not going to hide, the way I feel for you...
Or pretend that I don't hurt, when you know damn well I do,
I thought I found a friend in you, and maybe something more...
Someone whom for many years, I've been searching for,
I'm sorry for the love I feel, in my heart for you...
But I can't pretend it isn't real, if I wanted too,
I never ment for you to run, or feel the need to hide...
I'm sorry I came on so strong, because all the years I cried,
Love is so elusive, that one may never find...
As we hold on to the pain, it can render your heart blind.

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