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18 december 2018

"One Last Chance"

It's my last chance to convince you.. that "rainbows aren't just rain"..
And sometimes when we sacrifice.. there's so much more to gain,
Knock down all the walls you built.. and let my heart come in..
Feed to me my hearts desire.. for what its always been,
You still take my breath away.. as you did the day we met..
And the fire still burns beneath my skin.. as does my hearts regret,
I've waited for so long for you.. with hopes you'd someday see..
A friend who's always cared for you.. and what you mean to me,
I just want to look at you.. and tell you what I feel..
Before so much time has passed away.. that I never will,
One last chance to touch you.. before my heart lets go..
One less dream to fly away.. with love I'll never show,
To have you feel what I can't say.. to lay my hands on you..
To show my heart without one word.. is what I need to do,
To look into those deep blue eyes.. that take me far away..
Or dream of what could never be.. as you ask me to stay,
One last chance to cool the flames.. that have raged inside for years..
One last chance to turn the page.. and put an end to tears.

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