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20 august 2020


There's a passion that burns, between you and I,
Igniting a spark, that could light up the sky,
So hot is the fire, that burns through the night,
It blurs out the difference, of what's wrong or what's right,
All that I wanted, was for love to take hold...
I could feel the fire that burned,
With white-hot emotion, that was out of control...
and flames that wouldn't be turned,
But how is there love, and a passion so strong,
When two minds can't meet and every things wrong,
With no understanding, and nowhere to turn,
Like throwing gas on a fire, stand back let it burn,
When the backfires are lit, there's no turning back...
as another lesson is learned,
But I knew all along, the danger involved...
play with fire, you always get burned,
I did not want to lose us, but it seems I have...
as the flames have burned us down,
And as I walk through the rubble, of what's left of my life...
not a thing is left to be found.

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