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15 june 2020


If you ever wonder why my heart is always blue...
It's not hard to find the answer, because I'm in love with you,
I know that your afraid, to be where I now stand...
To tear down all the walls you've built, and give to me your hand,
To lay your heart out on the line, to bare your soul to me...
To trust me in that guarded space, that only love should be,
I'd never want to hurt you or cause you any pain...
I'd keep your heart right next to mine, and shield you from the rain,
I'll show you love you've never known, and hold your heart above...
And there will be no doubt at all, to weather I do love,
For all the joys that love would bring, together we would share...
To say goodbye to lonely night, and know I'll always care,
If these words were not my own, but words you said to me...
My heart would never cry again, and blue would never be.

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