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27 august 2019

"Man On Fire"

I feel a fire raging.. deep down in my soul...
White hot flames are burning.. and know ones in control,
You can't know just how I feel.. and know one has a clue...
Of the fire raging inside me... when all I want is you,
I wish that I could tell you.. exactly how I feel...
Instead of stepping lightly.. while trying to conceal,
Life is more exciting.. when I look into your eyes...
I can feel every heart beat.. as my blood begins to rise, 
Everything inside of me... I'm trying to control...
Like a moth to a flame-... I can feel it in my soul,
I wish that you could look at me... the way you look at her...
So I could feel the passion.. the way we never were,
To know the love inside your heart..or the heat beneath your skin..
There's nothing that I wouldn't do..  that I wouldn't do again,
I know the dreams I have of you.. live only in my head..
And any tears that have to fall.. are tears that I have shed,
I know that you don't understand.. why would you even care...
For you don't know the depth of love.. for you my heart must bear,
And though I cannot say out loud.. my true hearts desire..
You can see me from a hundred miles.. for I'm the "man on fire".

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