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25 june 2019

"Perfect Is A Fairytale"

Its when your not around.. that makes me realize...
All the things I tell myself.. are nothing more than lies,
I'll say that I don't need you.. pretending that's it's true...
But when you're gone.. and it's just me.. all I want is you,
I'll tell myself.. don't fall in love.. for love will never last...
But I know too well.. to save my heart.. the time has long since past,
I thought at last.. when I found love.. how perfect it would be...
Everything would fall in place.. and we'd never disagree,
But "perfect is a fairytale".. life is what is real...
Happy.. sad .. content..or mad.. this is what we feel,
I guess I should surrender.. I could never walk away...
For if never there was darkness.. there could never be a day,
I will always love you... and we'll always disagree...
So I will learn to look beyond.. to just the love I see.

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