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25 june 2019

"Two Steps Back"

I've tried so hard to get along.. but all we do is fight...
And the tears I cry may fall like rain... but I'm alone again tonight,
Goodbye would be so easy.. if I wern't in love with you,
One step forward, and two steps back.. have never been so true...
It breaks my heart.. that we found love.. but were going down in flames...
For even love can't save us now.. as we play our little games,
I thought that we could make it.. that love could conquer all...
As I'm hanging on for life.. from this long and lonely fall,
And though my heart is bleeding.. I just can't say goodbye...
My love for you won't let me go.. I think I'd rather die,
Together we could have it all.. why can't I make you see...
That all that you've been searching for.. is here inside of me.

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