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18 december 2018

"From Me / To You"

I remember when we met.. and right out of the gate...
Before you even said a word, my heart was thinking fate,
I've loved you from that moment, with my heart I love you still...
But I can't make you care for me,  I know you never will,
Dreams are all that I have left, to make it through the night...
I sometimes wish we'd never met, so my heart would be alright,
I'd like to put a happy spin, on what I'm trying to say...
But the tears running down my face, keep getting in the way,
Goodbye would be so easy if I weren't in love with you...
To walk away and not look back.. is something I can't do,
Though my love for you is real.. I must hide it far away...
Never to be heard again... nor see the light of day,
If this is what you wish "from me".. your wish is my command...
And everything I'm saying now.. "to you" is my last stand,
I look into your steel blue eyes.. for any change of heart...
But I know exactly where I stand.. and I've known it from the start,
You know how much I love you.. you know I'll always care...
So if you need me... turn around.. for I'm already there. 

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