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18 december 2018

"Never Was"

I wanted only to love you.. as this heart already does..
While I cry myself to sleep.. for things that "never was",
He "never was" in love with you.. he "never was" too blame..
You can't make someone love.. if they don't feel the same,
It "never was" the right time.. as time plays tricks on you..
Yesterday I was twenty one.. today I'm fifty two,
Life was never fair.. and the road was long and hard..
I've had to fight for everything.. and its left me bruised and scarred,
There "never was" a reason.. as to why you shied away..
And there "never was" a time.. that I wished you wouldn't stay,
There "never was" someone.. that I loved more than you..
But you never felt the same.. and that "never was" more true,
Now the years have flown away.. as love eluded me..
Though I searched for many years.. it "never was" to be.

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