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18 december 2018

"I Could Say"

There's nothing I could say.. that would change a single thing...
I can't make you fall in love.. and I'm not one to cling,
I could tell you what you mean to me... when I look into your eyes...
Or push it even farther down... behind a masked disguise,
I could tell you how my blood boils.. when your laying by my side...
But never mention the lonely nights.. without you that I've cried,
I could say your skin's like velvet.. and I long to feel your touch...
And I doubt there's anyone alive.. who could make me feel as much,
I could tell you how it feels.. to be burning from within...
As the fires rage out of control.. just beneath my skin,
Or I could say "I don't care".. I could say that "I was high"...
But every single word I spoke.. would be another lie,
Maybe I should walk away.. and never say a thing...
I don't want the broken heart... that goodbye always brings.

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