oleksy, 8 september 2023

6 september 2023, wednesday ( Ortodonta w Szczecinie )

Zdrowy uśmiech to klucz do pewności siebie i dobrej kondycji jamy ustnej! Jeśli marzysz o pięknym i zdrowym uśmiechu, to jesteśmy tu, aby Ci pomóc. Nasza klinika ortodontyczna w Szczecinie oferuje kompleksowe leczenie ortodontyczne, które pozwoli Ci osiągnąć wymarzony efekt. Nasza oferta: (... więcej)

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Wiadomsky, 28 march 2021

28 march 2021, sunday ( Junkies )

We're all junkies trying to fill the chasm with void.

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Wiadomsky, 9 december 2020

9 december 2020, wednesday ( Proverbium )

Sometimes the only way to dislodge elephant from the room is to set the house on fire and burn it to the ground.

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Ice, 1 december 2018

1 december 2018, saturday ( so over with life )

..recently I've been thinking a lot of things and I can't help but be depressed.. like why I am living??? I can't see any reason why I should still exist.. besides my family I dont think there's anyone who cares to me.. yes I have friends but I can't feel they appreciate me like (... więcej)

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Ice, 26 november 2018

26 november 2018, monday ( It's Been Too Long )

I can't remember when was the last time I logged in here,, it's been years.. recently I've been thinking things,, so much things,, I want to write it all down,, so it made me remember Truml.. so good thing I still know my password and even my email add,, so I was able to check my previous (... więcej)

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Roger Ferdrer

Roger Ferdrer, 2 february 2017

2 february 2017, thursday ( Fix all Email issues of yahoo with the help of contact number )

From time to time, there has been too much change in the each spectrum of life. As you are going in the modern time, you should have to take some modification over the pre-existing services. Same principle is applicable to the communication related services. Now, the advancement of the communication (... więcej)

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George Krokos

George Krokos, 11 june 2016

11 june 2016, saturday ( Quatrain 153 & Simple Observation 134 )

Quatrain 153
Oh my tempestuous mind and aspiring soul
do not ever lose control or forsake the goal.
Always be calmly active and also actively calm
holding the staff of wisdom firmly in your palm.

Simple Observation 134
No matter how bad our life experience or (... więcej)

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Wiadomsky, 10 may 2016

10 may 2016, tuesday ( Proverbium )

Ludzie mają naturalną zdolność do tworzenia problemów.
Niektórzy rozwinęli ją do rangi sztuki, którą można określić mianem cudotwórstwa.


People have a natural ability to create problems.
Some developed it into an art, which can be described as thaumaturgy.

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Roger Ferdrer

Roger Ferdrer, 2 may 2016

20 december 2017, wednesday ( Away from the Complicated Issue Yahoo Id with Aid of Tech Support Team )

In this digital driven age, there are many channels for meeting to the countless users at the global platform.With the interaction of this platform, geographical distance does not make a difference between two persons.Among the various web portals, one has to take the brief overview of the different (... więcej)

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Ye Caterpillar

Ye Caterpillar, 29 february 2016

29 february 2016, monday ( Dung of the Rocking-Horse )

It’s the day that floats, the day that hangs in space for four years.  As rare as the dung of the rocking-horse, it’s the day that time forgot.  Oh rarest of days, when you come back I’ll be old.  Did a lifetime leap the years?  Old Kronos, can I hear you laughing as you whirl the wheels of (... więcej)

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diane, 3 january 2016

3 january 2016, sunday ( Faithfully )

Dear God,

I have nothing to ask for but i am here saying my many thanks for everything you have done to me. I dont have any resolution or list to be accomplish this year, but one thing in my  mind is,, i will try to be a good daughter of yours,,,Yes! i tried my best but i think i shall strive more,though (... więcej)

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Zofia Wingmaker

Zofia Wingmaker, 30 april 2015

30 april 2015, thursday ( So Mad Right Now Not Even Kidding )

My boyfriend is giving me the silent treatment. MY teachers keep signing me up for stuff I don't need. My college teacher is leterally trying to fail me. My mom said "oh, lets go to the pool today," but since i destroyed my dresser trying to find my bathing suit, which I still didn't (... więcej)

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wiatrolubnie, 22 march 2015

22 march 2015, sunday ( zaćmiony )

poumierali wszyscy z powodu upojenia tą cholerną miłością
z nad zwiędłych kwiatów, sterczą powykrzywiane palce
wywijają nimi, grożą, napominają
i tylko obraz wciąż

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Brittany, 17 january 2015

17 january 2015, saturday ( First post or 2015 )

Wow it's been along time since I've been on here, alot has happen to me. I re-read one of the diary entree I wrote on here that was in 2013 I didn't have a job. But now I can say that I have a job. I've been at my job for a year now. Crazy looking back on this. I also got my license (... więcej)

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Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell, 29 july 2014

29 july 2014, tuesday ( Lost Pieces )

The reason for starting a blog was to remember lessons I have forgotten. It helped me but now life have changed so much that, that blog represents a collection of my old self combined together. Like a mirror far away reflecting someone I am unable to see or feel. I read somewhere that to destroy a person (... więcej)

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jolka (Jolanta Steppun)

jolka (Jolanta Steppun), 29 may 2014

29 may 2014, thursday ( wyznanie albo a )

nie był to mężczyzna -
żółtodziób nie znał się
na twoich uczuciach
bredził o miłości
że z czasem zapomnisz
żaden pocieszyciel

a ty łatwowierna

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Jan Łukaszewski

Jan Łukaszewski, 5 april 2014

5 april 2014, saturday ( Facebook )

Jak bardzo was wkurzają posty o niczym na Facebooku. Milion reklam, spamu, statusów o niczym. Zdjęcia, typu byłem w modnym klubie. Dwie minuty żeby zrobić zdjęcie przy wejściu z logo klubu. 
A w środku nie byłem bo mnie selekcjoner nie wpuścił.
Ostatnio wręcz na mojej tablicy mam (... więcej)

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Angel, 19 march 2014

3 february 2014, monday ( A major problem in the world )

Anorexia is a very serious issue. It is not something that can be changed overnight. It is not a switch that can be flipped on an off. It is a SERIOUS problem in this world that is not being fixed. It is a condition that is only frowned upon because it is "unhealthy," "low," and "demented." (... więcej)

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 10 march 2014

10 march 2014, monday ( Complete Transformation. )

I'm not a fan of cosmetic reforms.
I want complete transformation.

Transformation of the inner self,the soul through complete sincere,truly and wholeheartedly worship and remembrance of Almighty.Purification of the heart by killing evil desires.Eyes to see only good and avoid evil glances.Tongue (... więcej)

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Insatiable Sohail

Insatiable Sohail, 10 march 2014

10 march 2014, monday ( Self-betterment )

If you follow the doctor's orders you don't benefit the doctor. You benefit only yourself. And if he tells you not to drink poison and you decide to be a 'rebel' and drink the whole bottle, who do you hurt?

When we follow God's rules, we don't benefit Him. We benefit (... więcej)

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TOUFIQ UL ALAM, 23 february 2014

23 february 2014, sunday ( A bird )

Is it a fault with the bird if even its melancholy voice is beautiful? Oh! Humans, why do you not see that the heart of the encaged bird is bleeding from sadness? Does it not have a family? 

It is like a lost soul, in a place so far away from its family and friends and natural habitat. Do you not (... więcej)

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Brittany, 31 october 2013

31 october 2013, thursday ( Thoughts awhile ago )

The words I don't like you runs it's way though my brain down to my heart.Tears starts to fall because the words that were said hurt more then anything.I keep hearing these words to the point one might think I should be use to this but I'm not. When will the day come when the words I (... więcej)

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Jonathan Fix

Jonathan Fix, 31 october 2013

31 october 2013, thursday ( Hollows Eve )

I cannot regret past mistakes... I cannot ride along and forget. For my past is my furture, and to ignore it shall forever blind me from truth. Today of all days, my fortitude peels upon itself... and my vision is clouded with regrets of past mistakes.

Hollows Eve has come, and my mind becomes bland (... więcej)

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Brittany, 28 october 2013

27 october 2013, sunday ( Life truly sucks )

I am struggling with life. I need a job, like I want to do something with my life. Why does life seem to be so hard. I can't seem to find what I need to survive in the present lifetime. Life sometimes trult sucks.

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Brittany, 13 october 2013

12 october 2013, saturday ( Stupid emotions )

Has anybody ever felt like that nobody likes them. Like no matter what you do to get people to notice you, they just don't. Doesn't that make you feel crummy inside. It doesn't feel good at all. Music is a great tool to get your mind off of things, but it doesn't always cure the emptiness (... więcej)

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Jonathan Fix

Jonathan Fix, 15 september 2013

14 september 2013, saturday ( Lost within Worry )

September, 14

Today, I struggle to find my way. Days go by without remorse, without incident... I struggle to find a path, the light that guides the people towards a better tomorrow... A mist clouds my way, and what awaits me, I still do not know. Perhaps this is yet another key, one I must find... (... więcej)

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 26 august 2013

26 august 2013, monday ( My Friends )

My friends are very special to me, they give me insight and love.  I will always treasure them......
I know today is going to be a good day just because I woke up this morning...always count your Blessings as you never know...Life is just a Whisper.
Remain STRONG, Perservere, do not let anyone or (... więcej)

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 12 august 2013

12 august 2013, monday ( Just Today..... )

Today is the 10th anniversary of my Father's death......
I will celebrate his life as I feel that he is in an awesome, beautiful place, you can only grieve so long and have to figure out WHAT kind of person were they?  He was awesome and NEVER said a bad word about anyone...
why should He?  (... więcej)

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Kahlia Mazacalletti

Kahlia Mazacalletti, 25 july 2013

25 july 2013, thursday ( I am doing fine.... )

I would like to note that my last diary entry was sad and frustrated, I am feling more positive and glad that I have a format to express my emotions...it seems like time is moving so fast.  It is Already July and I remember Christmas shopping?  I don't know where the time goes, except to say, (... więcej)

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Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell, 8 july 2013

19 april 2002, friday ( Help Me )

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Can’t take this anymore
Curl up here and cry.
Someone, anyone help me
Take away the pain
You don’t see it
But it’s there.
Please help me.

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