1 december 2018

1 december 2018, saturday ( so over with life )

..recently I've been thinking a lot of things and I can't help but be depressed.. like why I am living??? I can't see any reason why I should still exist.. besides my family I dont think there's anyone who cares to me.. yes I have friends but I can't feel they appreciate me like they only need me because they want someone to be there with them,, like they don't like to be alone.. my best friend from childhood rarely says hi. we grew apart,, we dont even know what each other's favorite color.. yet she still claims I'm her best friend.. I have random friends,,they are all nice but I can't feel that sense of belongingness.. I'm so empty.. I'm struggling with my job,, everyone knows my situation but no one dare to check me every now and then.. often,, death is the only thing I see to escape this sadness.. I'm in a marrying age and still single while all my friends are married,, or if not yet married, they have kids.. and I don't have nobody..

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alt art,  

jak to nikogo, skoro kropki dwie..

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peter haley,  

do "you" care about others ? if the answer is "yes" then you should not deny this lifetime of a caring person ,there are not enough people who care .P.M. me if you want or need to speak

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hey!! this may seem to be a late reply but thanks for your concern.. I appreciate alot.. yes I do care about others,, it's just that I'm not vocal about it,, nor showy about it.. people see me as someone who has strong personality,, yeah I do,, but it doesn't mean that I don't get hurt.. they always assume I'm fine,, when deep down inside I'm so sad and my thoughts are so messed up..

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