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6 may 2020

"Out Of Time"

I heard a familiar voice today... I turned and it was you...
And all the strength I thought I had... was something I construed,
I almost fell down on my knees... as I silently cried your name...
But I had to keep my tears inside... because you don't feel the same,
We laughed and talked and all the while... the tears were pouring down...
And I cried a river of tears for you... but I wished that I had drowned,
Life is cold and hard... when you're living it alone...
When there's no one in your life to love... it can turn your heart to stone,
Everything I feel for you... I keep locked up inside...
Because I can't ask you once again... to cross that great divide,
I felt my knees begin to shake... if you only knew,
It takes my breath away every time... to get that close to you...
I just want to share with you... what only two can share...
And fill my heart with memories... instead of lost despair.
To lay down close beside you... to feel your skin touch mine...
To let my heart love again... before I'm "out of time,"

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