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26 march 2020

"Here and Now"

When I ask to spend some time with you, and I get no reply...
I want sometimes to turn and run, so you won't see me cry,
I know that I am not what you want, but I've got what you need...
So give me half a chance with you, but I won't beg and plead,
I'm not asking to be your boyfriend, I'm not asking for your hand...
I just want to spend some time with you, and try to understand,
To show you something you've not seen, to go where you've not been...
To pick you up when you fall down, so you can start again,
You know what my heart feels for you, is out of my control...
And everything that's good in me, is reaching for your soul,
Darkness is so lonely when you spend your nights alone...
And the echo's of your yesterdays, are the seeds you have sewn,
Knowone knows the future, where here and then we're gone...
So let me hold your heart to mine, until the morning dawn,
For I have more to offer than I'm given credit for...
And if you'd just surrender, I could show you so much more,
The future hasn't happened yet, and the past is yesterday...
It's "here and now" that matters most, just tell me that you'll stay.

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