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28 june 2019

"Burn The Bridiges"

The sun is getting lower, as it streaks across the sky...
And the nights keep getting longer, without you by my side,
I don't know just what to do, that would turn it all around...
For everything I thought I knew, has now become unwound,
Your act is so indifferent, I'm not sure just who you are...
I used to think that we were close, but now you seem so far,
Just how is it ok, to hurt the one you love...
To not stand up for what is right, when you should rise above,
To never say you're sorry, or admit that you were wrong...
To let the ones who love you most, suffer all alone,
And what's the price we'll have to pay when the walls come tumbling down...
As you burn the bridges that we build and any love we found,
Is it pride or is it anger, that has a hold on you... 
And keeps you bound to fear and hate, in everything you do,
I've been waiting for the light within you, to awaken in your heart...
To bring to life, and back to me, what's been torn apart,
I pray our love is strong enough, and that you'll finally see...
True love can heal anything, and bring back what used to be.

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