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2 august 2012

"Help Me Find My Way"

Changes in my life.. are comming hard and fast...
I've lost almost everything.. of things I thought would last,
I lost my job.. then my home.. and the bad luck didn't end...
For yesterday I lost my heart... when I lost my one best friend,
I've heard "God" won't put on you.. more than you can take...
Well if your listening.. Lord.. I've nothing left to break,
My life is in such shambles.. I'm  walking on the edge...
What used to be a wide path.. is now a narrow ledge,
I teator on the brink.. not sure which way to go...
It seems my head is spinning.. but my world is moving slow,
Are you calling to me "Father"... is there something I must do?
Well I'm putting my life in your hands.. to leave it up to you,
Theres nothing left to offer.. I've got nothing left to give...
Except this broken heart... and what life is left to live,
I've nowhere else to turn.. so today I turn to you...
For the burdens I once carried.. I'm no longer able too,
I hope that you can hear me.. for I've been so far away...
But I'm ready to come home now.. if you'll help me find my way.

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