12 august 2012

High Deaf

A lady receive a knock at her her front door, and with anticipation she opens up the door, hope it is the cable Guy to install her high definition service.
She had just bought a wide screen H.D. television, that she has been saving up for a couple of year,and now she can't wait to watch her favorite show in crystal clear H.D. picture and sound.
She let the Cable guy in and show him to the room where she want the service to be installed,then proceeds to tell him that she will be in the back yard doing some gardening. When he is done installing her service to come out and get her so she can inspect his work and sign his work order.
A bout 2 hour pass, when the Cable guy goes out to the back yard to fetch the customer,so she can inspect his work and sign his work order.
When they both walk in to the room were the service was install, the woman was dump founded, for what did she see? An 92 year old Deaf Himalayan mountain man
siting on a stool with one hand holding an ear horn to his ear,and the other hand touching the customers new flat screen Television.
With anger in her voice and a dumbfounded look on her face she blurt out to the cable Guy ,"What the Hell is this?"
The Cable Guy responds , This is the High Deaf service you ordered!

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo July 29,2012

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