21 april 2012

Comedious Commentarious : Bright Future

I was inspired to write this short, sad, but humorous story by the fact that the society has made the nurturing family unit, a endangered species. Children, need to be breast fed by their mother, to get the nutrients they need to develop to their full potential, booth physical and intelligence development.
Today a child will have both parent working, and the child will be raise from infant to adulthood, by day care, then by the school system . Most of the time the child will only be around his parents for about two hours a day. But then again may be they will be to busy play computer games,watching TV,of hang out on the internet. So the product that is produced by this family structure, are children that have stranger teaching them a set of morals and value that are indifferent or are conflicted with the parent's morals and values.

There was a man who went to court to sue his mother. The judge ask the man with a very puzzled sound in his voice, why the man was suing his mother ?
The man replied to the judge," My mother robbed me of a having a bright future!"
The Judge ask the man to explain his accusation against his mother.
The man replies, " well, my mother did not breast feed me while I a baby,instead she fed me cows milk."
The judge stars at the man with a puzzle look on his face and asks," what does your mother not breast feeding you,have to do with robbing you of a bright future?"
The man, with a very serious look upon his face, replies, Your honor, I am sure that every one here in the court room has heard the saying, that what every you feed your body, that is what it will become.'' Well , If I was fed breast milk, I could have become A doctor,or a rocket scientist . But instead I was fed cows milk, that's why I became as big as an ox, and dumb as a steer!"

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo May 20,2010

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