26 may 2012

"Guess where I am calling you from ?"

I was inspired to write this short humorous story by a friend of mine who like to hang on the phone for long periods of time,and does every thing you can think of while he is talking to you on the phone. I also have notice that people with cell phones do the same thing. I have witnessed people in public bath room talking on their cell phone while taking a dump. This must be real treat to listen to your friend blowing his tuba in "F-" while they are talking to you.

A man receive a telephone call from a friend of his, who happen to be calling him from a public bath room. The man starts to deduct from the background noises he is hearing , the blows of tuba, trumpet blasts in "F-",and the water splashes that his friend is calling him from a public bathroom while he is taking a dump.
So the man say to his friend, " You know my parent always taught me that it is rude to interrupt other people while they are talking to some one else."
" So when you are done with your conversation with You Dairy Air, call me back!"

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo May 26 2012

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