21 april 2012

A " F "-on The President's Report Card

I want to start this article by remind every United States Citizen,that our Government is suppose to serve , protect,represent the will of the citizen of this great nation, and not to make it's people servants of the government.
When any member of our Government starts to use their office,which they have been elected to,to accomplish their own agenda ,instead of carrying out the will of people,they should be removed from office.
Since President Obama has been elected to his office, I compare his presidency
to a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide movie.
When He was campaigning for the office of president, he painted a portrait of himself as uniter, promising do what ever it took to get rid of party line politics,
and unite the Government to fix the problem this country is facing.
Well during the last congressional race The President boasted that He and his party were in charge, and if the Republicans wanted any say in the affairs of the country,then they have to sit in the back because he and his party have the key to the car.
In the first couple of month of his presidency he went on a wild spending spree, which I understand he has out spend the Bush administration,and he is not even through his first term as president.
I understand this stimulus bill was presented to congress with less then a week to read through it, before call to vote on it. This bill was made up of a couple thousand pages, and was impossible to read and understand the whole thing
before voting on it.
He had promise the American people that if his stimulus bill went through ,unemployment would not go over nine percent. Today unemployment rate is at sixteen percent.
President Obama promise to give all citizen of this country the same health care plan that the members of congress get. Well that never materialized , instead his health care plan is to force all U.S citizen to purchase government ran health care program, which forces tax payer to pay for abortion on demand both in this country and around the world.
The President and his party have failed to be financially responsible in cutting out the fat in their budget , and pass a balanced budget to fund the government for the year. One of battle that was holding up a budget agreement was the continuing of funding of Planned Parent Hood.
It is my opinion that the president is misrepresenting the will of citizen of this nation in international affair. He makes it a point to dig up all the skeleton in our countries past, and parade them around the world, instead of parading the generosity this countries citizen have show the world both through our government and the privet sector. The financial,material,manpower, we have sent to country in need .
The president has strongly and dangerously mishandled the current Middle
east crises. The president has been slow to cut off U.S.A funding of Nations who government have become hustle to U.S. and it's interest.
He has publicly insulted Israel by referring to the nation as a occupying force that is causing humiliation to the Palestinian people by occupying land that belongs to them. The true is that these land that Israel occupy were captured during a war were Arab nation try to destroy the nation of Israel.
The president is trying force Israel to agree to a peace treaty between them and a terrorist sponsor Government Homas , which is been on the destruction of Israel. His plan is to demand Israel to go back to their 1967 borders, that would split the city Jerusalem between the Palestinians and Israel. His plan as includes hand over The West Bank and Gaza Strip,which would be given to the Palestinians to form their own country with East Jerusalem as its capital.
Going back to the 1967 borders will jeopardize Israel's national security.
The President fails to realize that not only are these radical Moslem nation bent on the destruction of Israel,but they are bent on destroying the United States. There is no deal you can broker that will change their intent.
Finally the actions of president Obama lead me to believe that he is not honoring the pledge of defend the constitution ,but his action lead me to believe he would like t0 burn it, and start a new nation designed by him.
I think he would create a nation that was socialistic and pro moslem at the same time.
My opinion is, President Obama,if I could,I would,fire you from the office of President of The United State.

Stephen J. Vattimo May 28, 2011

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