25 march 2012

Blubber man and Anorexia Girl

I was at church when I herd two little girls saying mean things to each other.
One girl responded to the other girls insults, with the famous old saying," I am rubber, you are glue,what you say about me, bounces off of me, and stick to you."
Well I came up with the words to the poem in this short story, after hearing those to little girl expressing their understating of the christian teaching thou shall love your neighbor as your self..

A skinny Girl who is at the mall with a few of her friend, decides to show off in front of her friends. She approaches an overweight man,pokes him in the stomach, and asks, " How it hanging Fatty".
The man response to the girls insult, with a poem;

" It is true ,
I am Blubber,
and you are rude.
Your insult bounce off of me,
and you are suffering from Anorexia,
so nothing stick to you.

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo Aug 22, 2010

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