20 may 2012

Comedious Commentarious :Travaler's Safety

I was inspired to write this humorous short story, by all the preacher I have heard
who have taught so many interesting fact in their sermon, but left out the direction on how to go to Christ to be forgiven for sin and be delivered from sins reward.

There are two men who meet each other in a coffee cafe located in a book story.
one breaks the ice by pointing to the book in front of the other man and ask him what's his interest ? the other Guy response house boats. So as they socialize with each other, they find out they both have an interest in construction, so the one guy, trying to be clever, ask the other man if he knew why covered bridges were built during the horse and buggy days? The other man looking confused, but at the same time was curious, admitted he did not know the answer to the question.
So the other Guy tells him they were built to prevent horses from being spooked by the light reflecting off the water as the horse would draw the carriage, or carry it's rider across the bridge. So the other man asked, where did you learn this fascinating bit of historical information? The other Guy replies from a sermon a preacher delivered at a church I visited. The odd thing is the preacher forgot to tell his listeners which road they should turn on to when they come to the fork in the road, to avoid the lake of fire.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo April 25,2010

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