9 march 2013

9 march 2013, saturday ( Spring has sprung.... )

Tonight the clocks go ahead 1 hour -ah, the beginning of spring.  By the calender not officily.....but I am in a spring mood.   I feel great.....have changed my meds but again but that's OK.   I am just doing what my Dr. says and he is always right.  I have the world's  best DR....by the way.  He is understanding and very thoguhtful....also very astute and in tune with my issues.  Up to date on the lates innovations in medicines.  I trust him to change my med again........all is well with the world.   I am getting more new friends and am so grateful for them.  Thank you all for supporting my poetry and a special thank you to Loius who inspires me every day.  Happy Saturday.............Kahlia...

P/S.   Go buy Goldie Lopez's book............read her profile to see. 

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louis gander,  

Thank you for the compliment Kahlia.

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

You are most welcome, I am in awe of you and your poetry. I have a Master's degree in Psychology, also and have figured out quite a bit about you through poetry...........Kahlia

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Goldie Lopez,  

Kahlia... O my... you are a very special person, with plenty of laughter and love. Plus a happy person even when most wouldn't be. I am happy for you and I'm rooting for you all the way... in whatever you want to do. And may we become the greatest of life long friends. Goldie

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Goldie-I am trying with this book but it gets trying!!!!lol. I would like nothing better than to be your lifelong friend. They don't come around that often but when you have one, they would lie down on the railroad tracks if need be. My best friend is like that...........Gracias........Kahlia

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