3 january 2013

3 january 2013, thursday ( HMMMMMMM )

I cannot believe it is 2013, 2012 went by so fast.  I am grounded from work until I go into the hospital and I am a litle bored.  I keep waking up at 3am, 6am etc.  6am is not so bad but it is very weird outside at 6am.  Of course, I have gotten flight calls at 3am but to just wake up and do NOT TOO MUCH is odd!!!!!  So, I have been working on my book "Wounds".  It is coming along nicely.  Only 4 more chapters and I am done.  It is cold-14 degrees in St. Louis.....hot cocoa will be the answer and I might write a poem?  We will see.  I hope evryone had a great New Years.  I did......

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