11 november 2012

10 november 2012, saturday ( Stress?????? )

I went to the Dr. Yesterday and he was telling me how STRESS could contribute to seizures.  I told him I was stress free.   It seems as if everytime they cannot catch something on a test, i.e. EEG etc, if you are a woman, it is STRESS!!!!!!  I am not stressed.  WOW, now I am stressed from not being stressed.  I am laughing because the neurologist not my GP knows I am having seizures.  IN fact, he wants to put me in the hospital overnite and do a 24 hour EEG to catch them.  He told me that they can do test after test and not catch them???  I guess that would really cause stress!!!!!!!  
Maybe, by the time they find my seizures, I will have stress from all the stress the Dr's are putting me through.  I sure hope not.  What an experience.  I still have to have an MRI!!!!!!!!!!  I heard that those are very loud and claustrophobic.  I am not going to get stressed out about it.  Just going with the flow.  Maybe, I should make an appt. with the psychiatrist to make sure of how to handle the stress when it does get here? LOL

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