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18 february 2016

Knowing Unknown is sacred v1

Element by element
the tiniest points
of all been, ruled by Unknown
— and Unknown knowing
just easily peace defines.

Dance of logical pieces
the atoms combined
pure energy, pure being
biting the Structure
giving a birth to new one.

My words are  g r a p h e m e s
just nothing more than symbols...
meaning some p h o n e m e s
building my speech - element
by element. Elements.

Foolish wolves, non-souls
Vain cats, grey human hearts
Every piece as dead element
uniting living ivy


« Thou art a mechanical,
biologically artificial process.
Or a mechanical, biologically artificial process that combines everything which is ready for that orderly chaos and meaning a thing? »

« Why would anything be so complex and somewhat logical?
Is there any pride? Fun? Or maybe someone's waiting for an end?
Or is it endless?»

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