10 march 2013

10 march 2013, sunday ( Sleepless in St. Louis )

I justv woke up and it is 3am.....I woke up shaking and trembling for some odd reason.  I think my new med is working as I am already feeeling better.  ANXETY?  Why on Earth would I have that?  I can think of about 10 reasons........

I have been weaned -reweaned off meds.  I think they are all crossing my body at once.  I am not uncomfortable, I am just wide awake.  Comes from my years as being "on Call".  I will just wake up and my fine motor skills are super intact.    The NEW med, cogentin is working because I am not shaky, lethargic or dopey feeling.  Just OK.  I am so glad that the new med was introduced, I could kiss my Doctors!!!!!!

I guesss it is something that has to wear out of your system.  I am not having a hard time at all.  I used to wake up this early all the time....had to be at work by 5am.....and the day would start.  I AM an early riser, I suppose.......I got enough sleep, I take my meds at 9am and 9pm. daily.   I do have a headache.  People on this site are amazing, they answer all your responses.  I love this place!!!!!!

I am going to jounal and that will help me stay focused......and a prayer.  I ask God to intervene and He did...........Kahlia

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