8 march 2013

8 march 2012, thursday ( Free...... )

Today, I feel free, from critisicm, hate, lonliness and judgement.  I will continue to do so.   I feel as though 1000 pds. has been lifted off me.  I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.    Yes. I am writing my book still and and a new poem.  Will post it when done.  My health is better and I feel wonderful.  Hope all out there do as well.  It is hard to feel good all the time, so for today....I feel great.  For Today.  Hello to all who support my poetry and a special thank you to Louis, who brightens my day.....Kahlia

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louis gander,  

Your bright sunshiny day is merely your bright sunshiny face reflecting from mine back to you :)

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