20 february 2012

17 february 2012, friday ( Horrible friday )

Couldn't get out of bed for school....
Had no energy to haul my carcass out of the bed...

Almost fell asleep on the bus.

After 3 dreadful hours of observing theater, got a task about phonetics to keep me busy during vacation.

Met this girl called Iris, she seemed nice enough, we were going to talk on skype.

found a nice zombie survival game to kill the time, i stored it in my favorites.

Anyway, douzed off. After the 3 hours of school, I spent 2 hours in the rain waiting for the busses i had to take just to do 20 km.

Came home, soaking wet, didn't have too much apetite.

Skyped with Iris, turned out to be another hopeless creature.
Another girl with no morals or respect for her body, only out to find guys to get in her bed.

I wondered , where has the world gone too...

Listened suicidal-depressive metal and Damien Rice until 2 am and wrote a small poem: The hope I crave, with bleeding fingers.

I kept thinking about Iris and it bothered me so much...
Why do I keep running into obstacles.. is there never an easy part...

She keeps bothering me on my cellphone...
acting all childish, sometimes calling me when she's drunk again..

She's only 16.... where has this world gone too?

I try so hard to think of good things, but i'm running out of options...

Anyway i'm going to quit this log right here...

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