10 april 2015

They Dropped Their Nets And Left Their Boats To Follow Jesus


They Dropped Their Nets And Left Their Boats To Follow Jesus

Pen And Ink On Sketchbook Paper Size: 9 "x 10" Date completed: 4/8/15 Artist : Stephen J. Vattimo This is a study of a first century Galilean fisherman's boat . I am going to use it in a future painting which will depict the life of Jesus the Christ. This boat will represent that Jesus taught along the shores of Galilee and most of his disciple were fishermen who dropped their nets and left their boast to follow Jesus and become fisher of men's souls. In my art work I go through many hour of researching my subject to try portray them as accurately as I possible can. I don't want to recorded misinformation in my art that will interfere with the communication of the message of my illustrations. This is also why most of my painting take up to ten year to paint. There for I don't thing I am going to produce more than a hundred paintings in my lifetime. Stephen J. Vattimo

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