1 june 2015

The Price For Precious Life


The Price For Precious Life

Medium : Pen And Ink On Sketch Book Paper Size : 14 x 11 inches Date: 5/25/15 This Study is for an upcoming Painting depicting the life of Jesus The Christ. In this study I hope to capture the spirit of brutality and the coldness of death Jesus suffered to pay for debt of sin that man has accrued. That by faith in the work that was accomplished on the cross by God's savoir, Man kind can once again be restore to a relation ship with his creator. The unrighteous becoming once again righteous in the sight of God . God through Jesus' sacrifice is now preparing a place for his redeemed children. A new heaven and a new earth where evil will find no place and death and decay will not exist. Man and God will be reunited and dwell together without any separation of time or space. Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 5/25/15

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