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25 january 2016

The secret of love

The secret of love is love itself…….
as it exudes a fragrance,
however hidden it may be……..!
It gives out as a flicker of light behind the eyes;
a smile suppressed behind the lips;
a caress on your throbbing wound;
a caring word, soothing your woes,
a loving grasp of your finger tight…….
And you cannot miss it, if it is there!
I have a strange encounter with love;
its memory still mesmerizes me,
though long years have passed……

After a critical operation
and five days in ventilator,
the moment when my husband recognized me
with swollen eyes, bandaged head
and unsteady words….
I then knew what love is…….
It’s a spring in the heart,
which sometimes wells up in the eyes….
and a feeling beyond words………….!

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