10 april 2012

10 april 2012, tuesday ( Forever (1) )


Forever is a word we often use, for friendships and
lovers, that we believe to be true. It’s
simple to think something amazing is never going to disintegrate. To look at the ones you love and think they
are never going to disappear. Good times
roll by with friendships and love.
Saying forever is a way to lose the fear. A way to keep the smiles alive and the
laughter from turning hallow. A never
ending sense that the happy times are gold and treasures. Forever is a noun one cannot live without.

When you fall down you think there is always going to
be someone to catch you before you hit the ground and witness it all
vanish. You watch speechless and afraid
as the ones you love walk away.

The one who promised he would always be here, no
longer cares. Someone whom you trust the
most and has said he loved you, no longer will take the time to care! Now you can barely stand, you have lost him
for a while and surprisenly have felt the weight stat to lift bit by bit. Things change and you are afraid of what will
twist next. Painfully words are
darkening your bruises. Ruining your
passion of destiny and fate. He no
longer loves you and now there is somebody new.
Quickly he comes to think their love is true.

You love him so much and when you lost him your whole
world has fallen and forever broken. All
that is left is misused promises and lies tumbling with wakened
nightmares. As it sinks in more and more
he has deserted you, he no longer loves you.
Inside you may feel completely shattered. Unable to be repaired and full of your
mistakes. Memories flash inside your
mind. Moments that run out of time. Moments that now you don’t feel fine as you
are reliving them. Days that you wish
you could rewind to or repeat. Every
turn you take you are reminded of what was fake. Plus losing him has despair and pain you feel
as if you just cannot take. Within you
are knifes that won’t stop stabbing, and wounds that will not stop remembering,
and swords that will not quit trying to kill you with every cut through you!

Smiles rapidly spread upon your face with happiness
and joy. A group of friends stands on
either side of you. You hold them dear
within your heart. Then a bomb goes off
and blows you to sad bits. A train
drives by and runs you over, driving them and dreams away. Leaving you in it’s wake. Crushed and emotionally completely
destroyed. One may be well aware that
thy have become scarred.

Maybe you depend on an individual to such an amount
that when you find yourself to the point you have fallen hard to rock
bottom. You reached out your hand to
whom you most trust for help and getting kicked, thrown sharp rocks upon. From then on reminders of what you have lost
fight you at every turn and beat you up.
With each passing memory a dagger shoots through you. Blood pours out from each vulnerable wound
and deep gash.

Friendships you may try to grasp forever. I watch in heartbreak and regret at the times
stolen and misplaced friendships. My
eyes view in torture at the one I most treasure and am thankful for. Unfortunately she is no longer here. Darkness has filled her heart, as horror
takes over her eyes, and terror engulfs her life. People whom she loves are leaving to death
and some hit her with betrayal. Her true
friend is out of reach and she feels so lonely and without a future.

Words sting your heart as if large sewing needles are
stitching her sad words into your memory and adding to her presence in your
heart. At troubling times you went to
her when you had fallen to pieces. Now
she comes to you with heavier weights upon her shoulders. Wishes to help her carry her life flood your
vision, but nothing can bring her back to light. You try to be strong for her. Fear pours into her and you for her.

Dreams we carry for ourselves may fade away. What we were once so sure about, becomes a
distend memory, a drifted emotion. As we
grow up in time and change, our wishes switch and our personality changes our
dreams. Some changes make love no longer
existing and promises broken, dreams spilt.
In our hearts what we want the greatest might be stomped upon.

Everlasting is only our hopes for the thing tucked
happily in our hearts. Loves and
enternal doves. In reality forever is
only held by wishes. Anything can happen
at any time. We were once so strong, but
now have become weak! Reaching out to
stars is my specialty. To yearn for my
dreams to take place outide of me, but that too is only a far off dream.

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