18 march 2012

18 march 2012, sunday ( What should I do )

I don't know what to do about her. I find it extremely difficult to approach her everyday. We were friends in past yet right now I feel so far away from her. Well my readers, am I over thinking things?

I find it difficult to talk to her these days with people crowding over like that. In a things consider maybe she too busy practing to become an atress and becoming a public figure than talking to an unsocial person like me.

I am not funny, talkative or sporty as whole so I guess I don't have unique strength to make myself in her eyes. In all I guess no one in their right mind would talk to me.  I have a feeling that she has been ignoring me these days. Maybe I should let this friendship go?

I would like readers to give me some advice on how to act.

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