Nguyen XIII

Nguyen XIII, 14 may 2012

14 may 2012, monday ( Thank you )

I gave her the present and she was very happy. Thank you for your encouragements. i feels so much better now. thank you to you all for talking to me.

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Nguyen XIII

Nguyen XIII, 3 may 2012

3 may 2012, thursday ( present )

Now I decided to buy my friend a birthday present on her birthday. From what I said in my in my previous entries in my diary.
Do you think it is a good idea?

I don't have have a reason to why I decided on this but I know it have to to do it.

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Nguyen XIII

Nguyen XIII, 26 april 2012

26 april 2012, thursday ( my choice )

When I decided to continue the friendship because I understand now that everyone has a choice in life. If right now I accept things as they are and let go I will lose my friend.

In life we can always my a choice and I know this maybe a challenge but I won't give up because as soon as you do you (... więcej)

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Nguyen XIII

Nguyen XIII, 25 march 2012

25 march 2012, sunday ( My best friend??? )

This is a continual
from my previous entry.
Well on Friday, I
finally ask her about our relationship and what it meant to her.  She said
I was a friend to her and so I ask why she has been ignoring me at school and
the fact that she does not talk to me anymore.
She ask
me that
does (... więcej)

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Nguyen XIII

Nguyen XIII, 18 march 2012

18 march 2012, sunday ( What should I do )

I don't know what to do about her. I find it extremely difficult to approach her everyday. We were friends in past yet right now I feel so far away from her. Well my readers, am I over thinking things?

I find it difficult to talk to her these days with people crowding over like that. In a things (... więcej)

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