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rishi 'rey' menon

rishi 'rey' menon, 3 december 2011

the power to forgive

the soul contains many qualities
The character of man and it's quantities
But the most important quality of man
is the power to forgive a sin

earth is a world of ups and downs
it brings joy and it brings frowns
but life on earth teaches an important thing
t'is the power to forgive a sin

as age goes by, as time races on
as generations die and new ones are born
if you ever learn the last thing, it must be
the power to forgive a sin

as memory fades and and the body weakens
when you struggle hard to suck in that oxygen
at your final day, durind your last breath
you will still have............
the power to forgive a sin           


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rishi 'rey' menon

rishi 'rey' menon, 3 december 2011

I Love Travelling

travelling through the breeze
with more than absolute ease
beautiful landscapes are passing by
as i gaze upon them with my little eye

patches of green and hints of brown
were more than enough to take away my frown
as i stare out my cabin door
the forest seemd to extend some more

mountains bluer than the caspian sea
but from here the seem no bigger than me
the tracks seemed to go on forever
with the train and the rails attached together

i couldn't take my eyes off the view
everything was so fresh, so real, so new
places beyond my imagination
are right here next to the train station

what else awaits me on this sunny morning day?
a river, a lake or maybe a bay?
then i open my mouth and start to sing
what can i say i love travelling............

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rishi 'rey' menon

rishi 'rey' menon, 3 december 2011


nature is full of colors
with beautiful scented flowers
if your'e in a forest or a park
its nice even in the dark

nature is full of beasts and birds
with so many shrubs and ferns
its mountains are very high
they almost touch the sky

nature has its deserts 
and nature has its plains
at times its sunny
sometimes it rains

nature is so pretty and bountiful
with snow covered peaks and sounds so beautiful
when people destroy nature, remember
we need nature for our future.

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rishi 'rey' menon

rishi 'rey' menon, 28 november 2011

The Threat

I duck down and hide in fear
Whenever I see them come near
Their faces masked, their bodies cloaked
Drenched in blood, their shirts were soaked

I read about them in the paper
Locked inside my house where I’m safer
Many injured, many dead
Is this how it will go ahead? 

In concealment, we are forced to live
It wouldn’t hurt to just forgive
We can make this a better place
If you’d think we are one race

This can end in tragedy
And cause untold misery
If they don’t care and do what they want
These mistakes will come back to haunt

Many people left this lovely place
It was a sorry sight, their sad face
They had to leave their things behind
Moving with what little they could find

Why must this go on; Why cant it end
Why cant we be brothers; Even good friends? 
Something tells me its gonna be alright
When they finally vanished from our sight

Its been several weeks from that day
And it will hopefully remain that way
Everything seems calm and life’s going quite well
But will it start again, nobody can tell. 

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rishi 'rey' menon

rishi 'rey' menon, 28 november 2011

my true home

When I was bornMy village was my home
I used to feel proudLike caesar in rome
I remember playing with friends
Tag, catchin-catch, hide n seek
we sometimes played in the field
and at times on the high peak
The scenery was very pretty
very green and beautiful
those little huts and bullocks
and the flora so bountiful
I loved my village so much
Then it was time to go to the city
I felt sad as well as happy
To leave my village, a real pity
Once we reached the city
I was surprised to see the place
So different from the village
There arose a smile on my face
There were cars, trucks and motor bikes
The village had just bullock carts
There were buildings for everything
Hospitals, Zoos and Shopping Malls
Then we went to our new home
I was in for another surprise
It had a swimming pool, gym and play area
all within our compound
Now that we are settled down
I'm as happy as can be
But when I think of my village
Thats where I want to be

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rishi 'rey' menon

rishi 'rey' menon, 28 november 2011

What A Man

Practiced law in Africa did he
So many places he did see
Such a knowledgeable man
Debate with him no one can
Every time I think about him
It makes me say: wow, what a man! 

After a while he came back
Money was something he didn't lack
When he saw India then, he was astonished
People were poor and also famished
Then he decided to fight for their rights
For freedom from oppressing British rule
Whenever I think about him
Its makes me say: wow, what a man! 

Together with Indian leaders he fought
Until freedom was what India got
Alas he is no more
Although he was someone I would die for
Shot to death by a traitor, an Indian
wasn't freedom enough? 
Even today when I think about him
It makes me say: wow, what a man! 

This man was a mahatma
Literally means a great soul
Gem of a man with great patience
The father of our nation
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
What a man.

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