30 june 2012


If you explore
find many thing more
That heart is tilted
Angel is you that true and sure

Everything i wanted
To maKe mah move
young lady n fissby
LooK so cool
Day and night i MaKe mah fool
To better the time
I learn you ba tool

Thousand you honey
Thousands of your mood
Its not so funny
Make me Kunfused
Many times i thinK to stand up
Try to free
self with a gun-shot

I grid my heart
Better Heart getting hurt
Than to hurt you
Than to love

You always in mind
That i find
Anywhere anygo
The heart is tilted
Direction's you
Heart is tilted
where you make a groove
Lady you so amazing
Dont need a proof

Baby you so beautiful
Sexy n say hot
Just observe the fact
Dont be so intact
Its eventually ma heart got standby
Malfunctions and hang all the time

Ths is ma eruption
not just a fiction
you call idio
Right to the video
But it happens all the time

Its the hood
Come to ma wood
LiKe your emboidment
LiKe you should
Its ma wood
Its the hood

Ma heart is tilted
Over you
Eyes are moving
With your move
with your groove
Its ma move

Its tilted

Nice young lady
aNd lady is you...

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