13 october 2013

12 october 2013, saturday ( Stupid emotions )

Has anybody ever felt like that nobody likes them. Like no matter what you do to get people to notice you, they just don't. Doesn't that make you feel crummy inside. It doesn't feel good at all. Music is a great tool to get your mind off of things, but it doesn't always cure the emptiness you feel inside. I just want to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm not that young either, so when people say thing like when you're in high school it doesn't matter because in college it will get better. It doesn't get that much better. Like it may get a little better but not that much. I don't know maybe I'm still not good enough. What do you do ?

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Ye Caterpillar,  

Many people in the past have felt these feelings, have suffered and wondered why. This can be an awakening. My ex-wife came from the ghetto of Detroit and ended up with a PHD in Philosophy! The more we suffer, the deeper we have to look into life. Buddha found life to be full of suffering, but he made it his goal to find out why, and what could be done about it by going deeper and deeper into reality. Greeks like Socrates and Plato questioned everything, and threw out all the false notions and ideas that they had unconsciously soaked up. This culture we live in does not encourage philosophical inquiry - we are living through the great plague of runaway capitalism, which dehumanizes people and makes everything into a commodity, for sale. Some people find strength through combatting the evils of this world, helping others to free themselves, working for a cause. We've all had our personalities shaped by various arbitary factors, but we are more than our personalities. We are the Stream of Consciousness and we can do great things. Hope my ramblings might be of some help - I hate to think of people feeling bad, as I know what it's like!

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