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2 may 2016

Death is not the end

Death took you away from us
The permanence of this great loss
Struck us like a thundering bolt
And brought us back to earth with a jolt.

You were a pillar of great strength
You guided us for quite a length
You inspired us to move ahead
And helped us use our own head

Children used to treasure
The time you spent with them with great pleasure
You taught them young the slokas
And took them to their own lokas

Youngsters used to adore
The knowledge you always bore
They always like the space
And the learning they got at their own pace

Adults would always feel your presence
To whom you would always give guidance
Whether they accepted or not wouldn’t hurt
you would give the next with an additional spurt

A great challenge for the lord above us
To create another father and duplicate thus
From the heaven above you would surely bless
Death can never take you away from us.

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