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26 august 2012

27 august 2012, monday ( chemicals/experiments )

testing: pipe bomb - 2.163 pounds of gun power. 4.02 pounds of steel shrapnel. Self made impacted thin lead pipe. gun powder pacted with stricker connected to (M) = Modified egg timer. sealed top with mealted on lead.
Reslut: Falure, not effective. Blast was strong enough to fling lead everywhere but, shrapnel made half of pipe fling off in distance.
Improvement: Use a small thing plastic tube for middle layer. outside surrounded with glue and bb's to stick on it. A thin plastic tube for the casing. Out of egg timers........so used red ribbon.
Result: VERY DANGEROUS! shock ground, loud ass noise and bb's where effectifly shoot everywhere. Thin 2cm plastic tubing was good enough to let bb's pass through.
My Chem Teacher's Thoughts- Thinks I'm still crazy, but loves how I improved my tech, NO viral video shows people's faces and are not going to be arrested for so-called terrorist acts.

Testing: Chlorine - works - brake fluide - sodium cloride - balls of tin foil ( 1/2 in diameter ) to be continued til further testing. Hopeful restult is to make a case, separaters, and a self ignite mixer.

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