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21 september 2019

"Walk Away"

It cuts just like a knife.. everytime I hear your name..
And I feel the blood just drain away.. as I'm consumed with shame,
Your never going to let me touch.. the part of you I need..
And I'm never going to let you know.. just how much I bleed,
The tears rain down inside my head.. and I am washed away..
As this heart is broken once again.. by the things I couldn't say,
I tried to hide this burning flame.. but I got to close to you..
Now my whole dam world is burning down.. and theres nothing I can do,,
I don't want to beg you .. I'd rather "walk away"..
It hurts too much when you walk by.. its not your fault I'm gay,
Even tears can't douse the flames.. as I begin to burn..
And the pain that only lonely brings.. is far too strong to turn,
My hearts desire in front of me.. and yet a world away..
But I'd give this life to feel your love.. if only for a day.

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