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25 june 2019

"More Than Just Hello"

The first thing that I noticed.. when I laid eyes on you..
Was your beauty and how it emanates.. in everything you do,  
Something "more than just hello".. drew me when we met.. 
I looked into your chocolate eyes.. and broke into a sweat,
With cinnamon skin so beautiful..  my senses began to spark..
Setting off a fire inside.. that raged well into dark,
I couldn't stop thinking about you.. or get you out of my head..
So I rewound every moment.. and replayed what was said,
I wanted to be with you.. to know just who you are..
To hear the story that you live.. and how you came this far,
Everything about you.. from your head down to your toes..
Was everything I needed.. but I couldn't let you know,
I know that I can't keep you.. and I know that it won't last..
But I'll always have the memories.. to relive a time that's passed.

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