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30 may 2019

"Just Loves Me"

I waited for you all nite long.. for you to come back to me..
But my heart knew all along..  it wasn't ment to be,
Its funny how we've no control.. of what we feel inside..
And though I knew how it would end.. I went just for the ride,
I'd walk a thousand miles for you.. I'd give everything I own..
I'd lay my life down at your feet.. I'd bow before your throne,
To have you say you love me.. to have you care at all..
I'd use every ounce of strength I have.. as I break through your walls,
But some things we can never own.. and you have to just let go..
It doesn't matter how much you love.. it matters what you know,
And I know that I can't have you.. I know you'll never be..
The one I wake up next to.. someone who just loves me,

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