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16 january 2019

"Only In My Dreams"

I thought I'd gotten over.. anything I felt for you..
I cried those tears out years ago.. I guess you never knew,
It broke my heart in pieces.. when told that "you were gone"..
And I would "never" see your face.. in the early light of dawn,
I cried just like a baby.. wanting only you..
Only time would ease the pain.. in a world that broke in two,
I couldn't help my feelings.. for from the very start..
The first time that I met you.. is when you stole my heart,
I couldn't let you know .. I couldn't say a word..
Until that night you shared with me.. and the embers that were stirred,
The embers turned to flames.. that raged out of control..
 And the bare white hot emotions.. burned right threw my soul,
And though you wouldn't know it.. its not always as it seems..
I still see you when I can.. but only in my dreams.

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