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26 may 2018

Just Beneath My Skin

You walked into the room last night.. and I could barely breathe..
I couldn't take my eye's off you.. and my mind could not concieve,
That anything more beautiful.. in this world might exist..
As my eye's caressed all of you.. there was nothing that was missed,
I don't remember what was said.. as my world, dissolved away..
You were all that I could see.. beyond you, only gray,
I couldn't bring my words to mouth.. and I couldn't let it show..
The inferno that consumed me.. was not in my control,
I had to walk away from you.. my thoughts were not my own..
My heart was in complete control.. and you were not alone,
With bated breath and heavy heart.. I tore myself away..
Wanting nothing more than you.. I kept my tears at bey,
There's no good reason.. to let you know, what I feel for you..
It wouldn't change a single thing.. and I wouldn't want it to,
I'll always see you with my heart.. the way I saw you then..
And always will the fires burn.. "just beneath my skin".

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